What can we do for you ?

Logistics Scientific Secretariat
General Organization
We handle and manage every single facet of the event we organize for you, including but not limited to: We act as "interface" between the Scientific Committee and the authors. Since the success of each event is vital we look after its promotion. We contribute our know how and experience at every step in the design process of your event.
Hire of rooms and equipment
Managing registrations
Participants' accommodation
Organizing the sub-contractors
Organizing the exhibition
Receptions and social events
Welcome desk
We receive the authors' abstracts and full papers
When the Scientific Committee has selected the papers, we answer authors
We help you define your program
We provide an overall written summary of all presentations
We identify targets and prospect the right resources
We organize your mailings and phoning
We look after your press campaigns, and send press releases
We organize the programs and posters before they're printed
We make the proceedings published
We define the planning of what has to be done
We provide a preliminary budget : setting a profitability level, we simulate cash flow for the event
We take in charge the administrative follow-up
We provide a detailed analysis of all the organizational aspects

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